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Prior to the creation of BIOFASE, all biopolymer products had to be imported from other countries into Mexico. BIOFASE, through its patented technology, became the only biopolymers producer company in Mexico. But we decided to go further and now lead the production of biopolymer in Latin America, exporting our products to more than 19 countries.

The first made from fully renewable and sustainable sources, 70% biomass content. 


Extra strength and stability.


Excellent for hot and cold food.


No bending or loss properties compared to traditional straws.

Avocado seed straws

Imported products vs BIOFASE


Any imported product is at least twice as expensive as BIOFASE products.

Delivery time

BIOFASE produces in Mexico, so it significantly reduces home delivery times.

Purchase volume

Imports require large volumes. BIOFASE is produced locally, it reduces minimum purchases.

Quality assurance

As local producers, we personally provide quality assurance

Environmental impact

BIOFASE is the only product that is not only biodegradable but also made from agro-industrial waste.

Avocado seed cutlery

The first made from fully renewable and sustainable sources, 70% biomass content.


Extra strength and stability


Excellent for hot and cold food


Complies with FDA standards

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